Open Book / Open Mind: Floyd Abrams in Conversation with Vincent Blasi

Open Book / Open Mind Event: Floyd Abrams debuts his new book The Soul of the First Amendment and will be in conversation with Vincent Blasi about free speech and constitutional law in 2017.

Floyd Abrams, Senior Counsel in Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP’s litigation practice group, has a national trial and appellate practice and extensive experience in high-visibility matters, often involving First Amendment, securities litigation, intellectual property, public policy and regulatory issues. He has argued frequently in the Supreme Court in cases raising issues as diverse as the scope of the First Amendment, the interpretation of ERISA, the nature of broadcast regulation, the impact of copyright law and the continuing viability of the Miranda rule. Most recently, Floyd prevailed in his argument before the Supreme Court on behalf of Senator Mitch McConnell as amicus curiae, defending the rights of corporations and unions to speak publicly about politics and elections in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Vincent Blasi is the Corliss Lamont Professor of Civil Liberties at Columbia Law School. He joined the Law School’s faculty in 1983. He has been a visiting professor at Stanford Law School, the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, and The William and Mary Law School. Since 1998, he has served as the Massee Professor of Law at the University of Virginia Law School.

Admission: The event is free, thanks in part to a sponsorship by Trenk, DiPasquale, Della Fera, Sodono Law Firm, and the generous support of Series sponsors Susan and Thomas Dunn, The Montclair Foundation, and Investors Foundation. THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL BUT STANDBY TICKETS WILL BE RELEASED AT 3:50 IN THE CAFE AREA OUTSIDE THE AUDITORIUM.


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