Advocacy is the process of acting on behalf of the Montclair Public Library to increase public funds and ensure the Library has the resources it needs to thrive. (Learn more here.)

The Library is essential to the health of our community.  More than just books, the Library provides free access to technology and digital resources, supports workforce development, and offers a wealth of information and support that can be life-changing. A community center that brings together people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and income levels, the Library is a driver of access and equity in Montclair. 

At the Montclair Public Library Foundation, our mission is to raise funds to supplement municipal support and keep our Library on the leading edge of technology and services – ensuring it has the ability to serve our community and its changing needs. 


Ways To Get Involved

  • Contact Your Elected Officials – Let your representatives know how much you value the Library and its resources, and encourage them to support robust municipal funding for the Library in the budget.
  • Vote for candidates that support the Library – Ask prospective candidates how they will prioritize the Library and what their vision is for a Library that truly serves the community. 
  • Spread the Word – Share information about happenings at the Library  on social media, write a letter to the editor of the local paper about what the Library means to you, and talk to your friends about the impact the Library has on people in the community.
  • Make a Gift – Your contribution of any size makes a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors. Give here today!
  • Join us! – Reach out to us at if you are interested in becoming more involved as an advocate for the Library.

To keep up with emerging advocacy efforts, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

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