Buy A Book


Thank you!!!

In celebration of National Library Week, 106 donors participated in the Montclair Public Library Foundation’s Buy A Book Challenge and raised $7,620 for new materials.

With a $5,000 match from a generous donor, that means $12,620 will go towards more copies of the most requested titles!


Books on the bestseller list and new releases are in high demand, and that often translates into long wait times for library patrons. Your participation in the Buy A Book Challenge secured additional copies of the most popular materials, exclusively for Montclair Public Library cardholders. Thank you for helping us “cut the line” and reduce the wait times on these in-demand titles – whether in book, ebook, or audiobook format*!

*What many people don’t realize is that digital content comes with a much higher price point for libraries than individual consumers pay, and expires (and needs to be re-purchased) after a certain number of borrowers or a specific time period has elapsed. For example, one audiobook edition of Barbara Kingsolver’s Pulitzer prize-winning Demon Copperhead currently costs MPL $133! You can read more about the high cost to libraries for digital materials in a recent AP article here.



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